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Example Report

Please click here for an example inventory report – this may take a short while depending on your internet speed

There are several reports and inspections that we can provide

Combined Inventory And Check In

This is our most popular service as it means only one inspection is needed and the inventory and check in are both combined to a single report saving time and money.
At the start of the tenancy one of our clerks will visit your property and thoroughly inspect and check everything including
• Doors, frames and fittings
• Floors
• Walls, woodwork and ceilings
• Windows and window coverings
• Switches, sockets and radiators
• Lighting
• Appliances and kitchen fittings
• Bathroom fittings
• Furniture linen and other items
• Gardens and exterior parts if applicable
We use a voice recorder to list all items, their condition and cleanliness and then send the audio off to our typist to produce the report. The report will give a written picture of the property and will include many colour photos to back up the report.
We will produce a schedule of condition on the day highlighting the cleanliness, general condition, utility readings and the key list.
The report will then be sent off to all parties and this report will be used at the end of the tenancy for the check out.

Check In/Update
When the tenants move in we visit the property and use the original inventory report to compare the condition of the property at the start of the new tenancy. Any changes will be made and a schedule of condition will also be produced and signed if the tenants are present.

Check Out
At the end of the tenancy we will visit the property and using the inventory and check in documents do a thorough inspection and list any changes, defects, damages, the cleanliness and missing or additional items. Fair wear and tear will be taken account of, along with the length of the tenancy to assess what the tenants may be liable for.

Mid Term
This is an inspection that can take place halfway through a tenancy or at the time if a tenant wishes to extend their contract for another fixed period. We will visit the property and asses the condition and produce a report highlighting any damages.